To make an eligible claim for the 5 Year Limited, Mileage or Road Hazard Warranties:

The owner must rotate the tires in accordance with prescribed rotation patterns as recommended by either the vehicle manufacturer or GT Radial

Owner is responsible for proper maintenance of tire and vehicle, and maintaining proper tire pressure

When making a claim, the owner must present the tire(s) to be adjusted, with an original sales invoice showing the tire description, mounting mileage, and the date the tire(s) were installed, to an authorized GT Radial retailer. Once replaced, the tire(s) adjusted become property of GT Radial

Owner is responsible for paying all applicable taxes set forth in this Limited Warranty

Owner is also responsible for paying local tire-disposal fees and any parts or service, regardless of mileage or months of service. This includes payment for tire rotation, alignment, towing, road service, valve stems and tire repairs

No claim will be recognized unless submitted on a GT Radial claim form

See full warranty brochure.

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