Tire Recall Information

We are committed to world class technology and quality, and your safety and satisfaction are our most important priorities. Recalls are rare, but In the event of a recall, we want to make sure that your tires are removed and replaced as soon as possible. Tires will be replaced free of charge, including mounting, balancing, and taxes.

How to find your DOT serial number and tire size:

The DOT (Department of Transportation) designation means that the tire complies with all applicable transportation U.S. safety standards. The DOT Serial Number begins with "DOT" followed by a combination of numbers and letters up to 12 characters, with the last 4 numbers representing the 2-digit week and 2-digit year of manufacture. For example: “1614” indicates the tire was manufactured during the 16th week of 2014.

Tire Recall

Recall Details

PT. Gajah Tunggal Tbk, manufacturer of the subject tires, has determined that the subject tires may be prone to developing a crack in the lower sidewall area of the tire. The crack may be attributable to an anomaly in the lower sidewall area of the tire and can manifest into an external visible crack usually after the tire is in service for several months.

In most instances, the crack happens on one side of the tire (OSS or opposite serial side), that is usually mounted inboard on the vehicle, thereby making visual detection difficult. This could result in loss of tire air pressure, making the vehicle more difficult to maneuver, increasing the risk of a crash.

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What should you do?

Determine if you have the Tire Line, Tire Size and DOT Serial Number that falls under this safety recall. The tires subject to this recall are listed below. This information can be found on the sidewall of your tire, as shown under HOW TO FIND YOUR DOT Serial Number AND TIRE SIZE + below. Please be sure to check each and every tire on your vehicle, including the spare tire.

GT Radial Champiro Touring A/S Identification Table

Tire Size DOT Serial Number
205/65R16 95H Y9 BC CRHX 4015 to 4016
205/50R17 93V XL Y9 HF CRVX 4615 TO 3416
215/50R17 95V XL Y9 HH CRVX 4515 TO 3216
225/50R17 94V Y9 HJ CRVX 4515 TO 3416
225/50R18 95T Y9 FH CRTX 0316 TO 3416

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