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Maxmiler ST is specifically made for trailer applications. It features sturdy sidewall construction to help reduce trailer sway and enhance load carrying capacity for stable and reliable towing. The robust full width tread design increases contact with the road for better braking performance. Dual steel belts in the tread also enhance handling, stability and puncture resistance.

Rim Sizes: 13-16

Aspect Ratio: 75-85

Section Width: 175-235

Speed Rating: M

M+S Rated: Yes

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Tire SizeLI/SR (s/d)LR/PRItem NumberMeasuring RiminchRim Width RangeinchMax. Load (s/d)lbsMax. Load (s/d)kgMax. PressurepsiMax. PressurekpaTread Depth32ndTread DepthmmOverall DiameterinchOverall DiametermmSection WidthinchSection Widthmm Weightlbs WeightkgSidewallLoad Designation
5.04.5 - 5.51360/1200615/54524.06107.017716.67.5
5.55.0 - 6.01760/1570800/71026.16648.020322.510.2
6.05.5 - 7.01870/1650850/75026.76788.521624.311.0
5.55.0 - 6.52150/1870975/85027.16898.020324.811.3
6.06.0 - 7.02830/24701285/112028.37198.822331.414.3
6.56.0 - 7.53420/30001550/136030.87829.323540.618.4
6.56.0 - 7.03640/32001650/145031.78069.323542.719.4

GT Radial reserves the right to change the construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligations.

Features & Benefits

  • Full Width Tread Improved road contact, strong grip and better braking performance
  • High Modulus Steel Belts Enhanced handling, stability and puncture resistance
  • Robust Shoulder Blocks Increased traction and stability
  • High-Tech Polyester Casing Greater durability and reduced trailer sway
  • Jointless Nylon Edge Plies Increased strength and treadwear

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